Monday, November 05, 2007

No quotes

A couple of examples of the bastardised version cropped up last week in direct quotes in contrasting items. In one case, it rather weakens the point being made; in the other, it just confirms your suspicion that folk who don't quite grasp the proper phrase tend to exemplify its meaning.

First, from a press release from War on Want:
Simon McRae, senior campaigns officer at War on Want, said: "Another government inquiry into supermarkets has found evidence of abuse, but failed to take action. [...] Unless a regulator is appointed, ministers’ rhetoric on the need to make poverty history will seem like all mouth and no trousers."
Good cause. Crap grasp of the language.

Second, from a largely incomprehensible PR industry story from North-West media site How-Do:
The poor uptake led Slam’s Chris Dolan to comment: “Seems our other counterparts are all mouth and no trousers."
A PR chap talking ignorant nonsense. Who'd have thought it?


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