Monday, June 04, 2007

Golf trousers

Another mystifying use of the bastardised form from the Scotsman, in a profile of dressy golfer Ian Poulter:
CONFRONTED by the loud and startlingly individual sartorial taste of Ian Poulter, it is easy to imagine that here is a man who really is all mouth and no trousers[...]
Poulter does have an on-course dress sense only Stevie Wonder could admire. Yes, he does have an unerring ear for the snappy sound bite. And yes, his taste in hairstyles is more REM than R&A. But underneath the flash and behind the glibness there is a real golfer, a serious golfer[...]
Who, for example, will easily banish from their minds the Union Jack strides he wore for the opening round of the Open Championship at Royal Troon in 2004?

That would make fine sense if the first line had 'all mouth and trousers': with the bastardised form, it is literally nonsense. Again, I suspect the hand of an over-zealous but pig-ignorant sub-editor.


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