Thursday, May 17, 2007

Smart Alex

At last, the first identified sighting of the proper phrase in five months! Michael White, in a Guardian piece on the anointing of the SNP's Alex Salmond as Scotland's First Minister, writes:
Scots - and the rest of us - are also entitled to find out whether "Smart Alex" is all mouth and trousers in the governing department or whether - as sometimes happens - he surprises his critics and does rather well.
Bravo, Michael! A bang-on use of the phrase - though, under the circumstances, perhaps something creative involving kilts might have been appropriate.

Of course, as previously noted the Guardian's own style guide does prescribe the correct phrase over the southern bastardisation - "not "all mouth and no trousers", as has appeared in the paper" - although some columnists apparently remain obdurately opposed.

Meanwhile, another typically idiotic barbarism in the London Evening Standard from restuarant critic Fay Maschler:
When I grizzle about molecular gastronomy, which strikes me as all mouth and no trousers, people in the biz say, you must go to Noma in Copenhagen.
No pudding for you, Ms Maschler!


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