Wednesday, July 11, 2007

O'Hagan dash

Andrew O'Hagan (presumably the noted Scottish novelist) shows his literary sensibilities have gone missing in a Telegraph thunkpiece on the subject of corporate sponsorship of the London Olympics:

Yet within a couple of years of that great decision to award the games to London, we find that big business is all mouth and no trousers. Private sponsorship was always expected to come up with a third of the total cost. Are they seriously now going to abandon that commitment, leaving the Government to rob its own lottery fund to make up the difference?

A reader's comment renders the bastardised phrase even more meaningless:
It would therefore be an excellent idea to reward them for their failure to connect mouth and trousers, with a special surcharge on corporation tax to make up the shortfall.

This image of corporate types connecting their mouths with trousers summons up games of a decidedly non-Olympic flavour.


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