Sunday, December 10, 2006

Seoul offence

Another couple of shameful examples of the bastardised form:
A typically ignorant example from the London Evening Standard website:
In that opening 45 minutes,Liverpool were all mouth and no trousers. For all their dominance of possession,they rarely threatened to score.

More oddly, from the South Korean Digital Chosunilbo:
The mega hit movie “The Host,” which set a new record in the Korea movie history by attracting more than 13 million audiences here, came in seventh in the first week of its release in Japan in September and fell to 10th in the second week. Park Hyun-tae, CEO of Sovik Venture Capital which specializes in film investment, said, "If the Korean movie industry is content with the current high theater occupancy rate of domestic movies here, it’ll prove all mouth and no trousers.”


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