Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Punk rules

Well mouth and trousers, sonny boy, never changed a thing
The only thing that'll ever change will be the song you sing
Cos when you've bought your Rolls Royce car and your luxury Penthouse Flat
You'll be looking down your nose and saying "Punk, dear chap, what's that?"
- The Greatest Working Class Rip Off, Crass

She can turn upon a sixpence in the mouth and trousers set
Hit the bill, ring the bell, never spill a sip
And still she knows the kind of tip that she is gonna get
- King Horse, Elvis Costello

I played a blinder against a gaggle of nuns
I was all mouth and trousers
They were fingers and thumbs
- Happy to be Here, Eurythmics

Not forgetting the 1982 7" by Splodge - anyone got lyrics for this?


Blogger Jez said...

I'm pleased to have found your blog, clarifying once and for all that my father is right and that as often as not I have bastardised the phrase.

12:26 pm  

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