Friday, January 16, 2009

Painful movement

The doubtless well-meaning folks at the 'World Development Movement' rather undermine their case through their use of the meaningless bastardisation in this press release -

Heathrow decision: 'Government is all mouth and no trousers on climate change' say World Development Movement.
Benedict Southworth, director of the World Development Movement said:
“The government says it is serious about tackling climate change; but in the same breath, they give the thumbs up to a new runway at Heathrow. This is a real let down and shows the government up to be all mouth and no trousers when it comes to climate change. The government is relinquishing any claim to credibility or leadership on action against climate change. They talk tough, but aren't delivering.

Once again, trousers ain't synonymous with delivery. Anything but, usually. Mind you, that mixed metaphor is almost as painfully dumb - 'in the same breath, they give the thumbs up'?


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