Monday, November 10, 2008

Stumble and fall

The Times gets itself deeply confused in a profile of the front man from inexplicably popular popsters Razorlight. The standfirst asks, barbarically -
With his cocksure swagger, tangle of hair and big opinions, Johnny Borrell is a throwback to rock gods of another age. But is the Razorlight frontman all mouth and no trousers?

But then, in the text by Craig McLean, we find a well-deployed variant of the proper phrase -
He went to a posh school (Highgate) but became a teenage drug monster, hanging about in Camden Town with the likes of Doherty and his Libertines bandmate Carl Barât. “Heroin was quite chic in the Nineties,” he says of his two-year habit. “It was around. I wasn’t grown up at that point, I was just a teenager getting high.” Mystique-building artifice, it seemed, jostled with heady aspiration. He was all mouth and (white) trousers (and no shirt).

Score one for McLean, and minus points for whichever hopeless sub wrote that standfirst.


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