Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Around the world

A couple of examples from odd sources; one right, one wrong.

Stuart Littlewood of BBSNews ('Your true conservative news source', apparently) writes about the blockade of Gaza:
On recent performance the nations of the West are "all mouth and trousers", as we say in England. They spout high-sounding words but renege on their duty. In Palestine's case they haven't delivered in 60 years… to their eternal shame.
Bang on.

Meanwhile in South Africa, Nicole Johnston of the Mail & Guardian has a thunkpiece on climate policy titled, simply and wrongly:
All mouth and no trousers?
There's no mention of either version of the phrase in the copy, so this might be the curse of the dumb subeditor again.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually she is not incorrect - you have missed a cultural reference that perhaps only South Africans would get. The minister's nickname is "Kortbroek" - a dig at his being seen as a small boy in short trousers, lacking the political weight to back up his words with action.

3:28 pm  

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