Sunday, September 30, 2007

Soft soap

Another typically dumb example of the vulgarised version, from Tina Baker's soap opera column in the Mirror:
To give Jimmy his due, he only talks to Lexi (proving he’s all mouth and no trousers), promising he won’t tell Carrie about her raunchy job.
If one accepts the vernacular use of the bastardised version, that might just abut be acceptable if she were talking about Eastenders - but this was about Emmerdale.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Pony and trap

One wrong 'un, and one right but odd example from the weekend.

A typically ignorant use of the vulgarised version from Brian Taylor of BBC Scotland:
Anyway, Alex Salmond marked GED by visiting Crystal Rig windfarm near Dunbar. He said he was aginst new nuclear - and in favour of renewable energy. Wind, wave, tidal, biomass and the rest.
The response from Labour was markedly acerbic - and in line with their evident determination to depict Mr S as all mouth and no trousers.

Salmond seems a popular target for such accusations, though Michael White in the Guardian at least gets the insult right.

Emma Lee in the Norfolk Eastern Daily Press also gets the phrase right, even if she does seem rather arbitrarily rude:
The good news is that New Young Pony Club are galloping our way.
Formed by production guru Andy Spence and all-mouth-and-trousers singer Tahita Bulmer, their raison d'etre is a simple one. They want to make music fun - and they want to make you dance.